Lochte on peeing in pool: 'Sometimes you just gotta go'

Swimmer Ryan Lochte is going home with five Olympic medals, but it's what he left behind in the pool in London that has made some joking headlines as the Olympics wind down.

Lochte was in the spotlight a week ago when he admitted to TODAY special correspondent Ryan Seacrest that he occasionally pees in the pool. Then came a "Funny or Die" parody video where he took the peeing theme to hilarious heights.

Lochte jokingly reiterated his stance in an interview with Matt Lauer on TODAY Friday. 

“I mean, sometimes you just gotta go,” he said.

British prime minister David Cameron was not amused once he heard how Lochte was using London’s Olympic pool. “I was surprised to hear that,” he told Britain's Metro newspaper. “It’s not OK to pee in the pool.”
 Lochte has certainly stood by his right to relieve himself in the water. When comedian Will Ferrell called and asked him to make a “Funny or Die” video on the subject, he jumped at the opportunity. In the video Lochte says, “The way I see it, the pool is the biggest, most expensive toilet and it’s all mine. That’s the only time I allow myself to pee. Animals, they mark their territory. I pee in the pool. That’s my territory.”
Luckily for the pools of the world, Lochte isn’t going anywhere near one for at least a little while after a whirlwind Olympic experience.
“I’m definitely going to take some time off," he told Lauer. "It's been four years of every day in the pool. I think it’s time for me to take at least a couple weeks.”

Lochte isn’t worried that the come-down after the Olympics will lead to a crash. He has already said that he plans on making a run at a spot in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro when he will be 32 years old.
“The Olympics is great," he said. "But for me, I treat every meet, every swim meet that I go to, the exact same. It just has a different name to it. And you know what? I love racing. And I want to keep doing it for another four years.”

While the world waits to see him in Rio in 2016, he'll be keeping busy on dry land. He already is entertaining multiple reality TV offers, and he has plans to move to Los Angeles, which he said has been a big goal of his for a long time. He told Lauer he hopes it will help him get into fashion.

“That is my passion,” he said. “When swimming is all said and done I definitely want to get into fashion and design my own clothing line.”


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