Samuel L. Jackson is obsessed with tweeting the Olympics

Danny Moloshok / Reuters

Samuel L. Jackson has taken to Twitter to root on the United States in the Olympics and give his unique take on everything from water polo to gymnastics judges.

Whether it's water polo “dopeness” or “seriously smokin’” women's beach volleyball, it’s clear that Samuel L. Jackson loves the Olympics more than a Royale with cheese.

The popular actor has been tweeting a steady stream of commentary on all types of Olympic events while rooting on the United States at every chance. Whether it’s women’s time trial cycling, water polo, gymnastics, or synchronized diving, Jackson has made his thoughts about most Olympic competitions known to his 1.1 million Twitter followers.

He gave a shoutout to swimmer Michael Phelps (“Big Mike”) for setting the Olympic record for most career medals on Tuesday, and provided his unique brand of commentary on the women’s gymnastics team finals: “Okay, that was Drunk Lady Staggering Flip dismount!" he tweeted. "Made famous by many girls missing the top step in da club!”

Jackson also let loose on the gymnastics judges (SHADY!!!) and gave his opinion of the on-air commentators. The language in his tweets is closer to Jules in “Pulp Fiction” than Mace Windu in “Star Wars,” so be warned that they are not entirely family-friendly.

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