• Brits revel in gloom ahead of London Olympics, but don't believe the gripe

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    From Wimbledon to Wembley Stadium to The Dome, a look at the venues for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

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    Will Brits start celebrating the Games when they actually begin? A man sits in the Atlas cafe in Leyton near the Olympic Park in London, England, on March 22, 2012.

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    This badge, which was put up for sale on eBay, gives an indication of the attitudes of some Britons ahead of the Olympics.

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    Morris dancers, similar to these Leicester Morrismen dancing in Newtown Linford in 2010, may stage flash mob-style protests after being left out of the opening ceremony, The Daily Mail reported. Morris dancing stretches back some 600 years, but its origins are obscure.

    The pilot of a JetBlue flight had a meltdown midair on Tuesday and now the FBI is holding Captain Clayton Osbon for a “medical situation." Passengers describe the atmosphere aboard the plane.

    The International Olympics Committee President Jacques Rogge said the organization is "happy" with the progress and that a great legacy had already been left. ITV's Rags Martel reports.

  • At London Olympics, dogs have sniffed out a key anti-terror role

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    Officer Graham Rowlstone of the British Transport Police pats Benson after he correctly identifies a threat in London's St. Pancras Station.

    British Transport Police

    Benson the police dog even has his own business card.

    A cadre of bomb-sniffing dogs gets set to find threats at the 2012 London Olympics alongside the tens of thousands of two-legged security personnel preparing to make the city safe. Msnbc.com's F. Brinley Bruton reports.