Ryan Lochte's mom: He's too 'on the go' for girlfriend

Martin Bureau / AFP - Getty Images

Ike Lochte is a strong and emotional supporter of her son’s competitive lifestyle, but she says Ryan is too busy to commit to a girlfriend.

“He goes out on one-night stands,” she told TODAY.com. “He’s not able to give fully to a relationship because he’s always on the go.”

Update: Lochte clarifies his mom's comments 

The swimmer celebrates his 28th birthday this Friday, Aug. 3, but Ike says the family will celebrate him on Saturday after he is freed up from competing. His 4x200 freestyle relay swim airs Tuesday night on NBC. 

Lochte’s mom, along with the family clan, was on the TODAY set to chat with Matt Lauer about Ryan’s performance so far this Olympics. “Everything he has done has been to the max,” Ike said. “He’s unique, loving, and he challenges himself all the time.” Ryan likely gets much of his drive from his own parents, both of whom were swim coaches. Ike says the best trait he inherited from her is his love of kids and his awareness of his position and his fans.

The swimmer uses Twitter to show his love to fans, re-tweeting and updating his admirers. Monday night he thanked them: “GOODNIGHT #LochteNation & thank u for being the best fans. Always said it b4 & I'll say it forever.. I wouldn't be anything without u.”

As for Ike, she’s not on Twitter, but she sends words of encouragement to her son via text when she’s not with him. Before he competes, she keeps her message simple: “I say, have fun, and I love you,” she said. 

Sarika Dani is a TODAY.com editor in London. No lie: She has the same birthday as Ryan Lochte. 


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