See 8 Olympic venues in stunning detail

David Bergman / Gigapan

Updated 8/10: Photographer David Bergman has taken several more stunning images of Olympic events over the past two weeks. 

For the beach volleyball Gigapan, David challenges our readers: "Find the guy making an oil painting of the venue." 

See more Olympic venues in amazing detail:
Aquatics Center
North Greenwich Arena
Men's 100m Finals
Women's Beach Volleyball

Original post: Photographer David Bergman took 425 individual photos of the opening ceremony as athletes entered the stadium. The result: A Gigapan, where you can zoom in and see the stadium in impressive detail. 

We spy the queen, Prince Harry, the Greek flag, a drum set and more (though we haven't found a Waldo yet). 

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Kevin ZeekDeleted

I am REALLY TICKED OFF that NBC can't manage to simply film the Opening Ceremony in its entirety and then make it available for American viewers. If you missed it when NBC decided to air the chopped version it made then I guess you will NEVER see it. BBC content pertaining to Olympics is blocked. I would like to send a huge middle finger to those inept, greedy, sanctimonious jerks at NBC.

    Reply#2 - Mon Jul 30, 2012 12:51 PM EDT
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