Fashion lover Ryan Lochte has 130 pairs of shoes

Getty Images file

Lochte, at the 2011 Golden Goggles in Los Angeles.

While wearing shirts isn’t really his thing, Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte enjoys accessorizing the rest of his body in style.

Known for his rippled abs and posing shirtless on the covers of magazines like Vogue, Lochte told The New York Times that he owns 130 pairs of shoes. He has covered his teeth with sparkly grillz on the winner's podium and plans to wear a special red, white and blue version in London (Team USA's official roster hasn't been announced yet). He also designed his own winged set of star-spangled high-top sneakers.

From Ryan's Twitter: "Got some new kicks for trials. Don't duplicate!! #swagismine"

So if this whole swimming thing doesn't float his boat, there's always a future at Fashion Week.

Lochte recently posted a photo of his custom-designed kicks on Twitter, writing “Don’t duplicate!! #swagismine.” Another pair, which he designed for one of his sponsors, Speedo, feature emerald rhinestones and will be sold in flip-flop form for $24.99.

“He wanted green, he wanted bling,’’ the director of marketing at Speedo told the Times. “He likes to make a statement when he walks onto that pool deck.”

The 27-year-old has also made headlines in the pool, of course, winning two gold and two bronze medals in Beijing in 2008 while setting a world record in the 200-meter backstroke. In the lead-up to London, his golden-boy surfer look has made him a magnet for photographers, and his rippled torso earned him status as the world’s No. 1 beach body from Men’s Health magazine.

“If someone’s zigging left, he’s zagging right,” the Speedo official told the Times. “He wants to stand out.”

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